Magic on the Eve of the Aquarian New Moon

One thing that I have always hated about astrology (when it is practiced irresponsibly) is its power to disempower the person whose chart is being read. I can remember hearing about some dreaded two and a half year time period called the “Saturn Return” during which one’s world was basically guaranteed to crash and burn, nothing would go smoothly, vitriol would run like water, love would dissolve, poverty would ensue, and if you were lucky, you’d emerge into your 30s naked and shivering but not so shaken as to be unable to rebuild. At the time, I was spending a fair amount of my post-Goldman Sachs hanging out in an East Village witchcraft store with friends, so I couldn’t file the usual complaint of – “Did I really just pay someone to tell me that?” We were all young enough not to have gone through said return ourselves and were basically beholden to common lore and a few old school aging mages who took some small pleasure in scaring the younguns on occasion. But, my experience notwithstanding, fear tactics are incredibly common. And, in reality, they build credibility, because difficult natal formations and difficult transits are the very reason TO study astrology or have someone study it for you. If you don’t turn your obstacles and crises into opportunities and gifts, then in all likelihood, they will remain just that. Yet, to explain to someone that love or money will be one of their greater challenges in life but as a result of that, will ultimately become their greatest achievement and greatest demonstration of mastery and excellence…. That’s a little different than telling someone they’re likely to end up a spinster or a pauper, no?

So… To bring this back to jewelry… I found myself giving an interview the other day and the interviewer asked me to describe the connection between astrology and jewelry. To be honest, I had to think. I’d never really questioned it before – I happen to love both of them and astrology taps into the resources of my slightly under-exercised left brain (which used to be my slightly over-exercised left brain in my old life) and jewelry taps into my previously under-exercised right brain while also providing a meditative practice which helps to form a bridge between both hemispheres. I’m constantly trying to implement balance between the two, and this dual occupation provides me with my current solution. But that wasn’t a sexy enough answer for a magazine, so I thought about it a bit more…

And then, it grew crystal clear.

Over the years, before I made jewelry, I grew fascinated with its ability to make me feel empowered. I remember struggling a bit at the age of 21 or 22 with how to present myself in such a manner that I could go to work (with a bunch of 30-40 year old men with MBAs and pin-striped suits who lived in Connecticut), feel like myself, not be dressed inappropriately, and still feel powerful. Platform shoes became my friend VERY quickly. Oh how different the world looks when you have a bird’s eye view – but equally important were my “collars”. I started out with about six or seven turquoise beaded necklaces that I would coil and pile up to create a sheath of protection, healing and power. Then, for variety, I made myself a ruby stack, an emerald stack, and a sapphire stack. I wore rubies on days that I needed to make money, turquoise on days when I was feeling picked on, emeralds if I had a date, and sapphires if I was casting spells. Because each stack consisted of 6 or 7 necklaces, and because I was going to yoga pretty much every day (god bless my younger self, where is she) – every morning started with the ritual of putting on the necklaces, every post-work work out started with taking off the necklaces, every post-work out recostuming started with putting on the necklaces, and every day before bed, inebriated or not, off come the necklaces. Very hard to sleep with that many carats wound round ones neck.

But, the point remains – I was drawn to jewelry because it empowered me.

And, the same goes for astrology. I have a problem-solver’s mind. I got a degree in theoretical mathematics from an Ivy League university which prepares me to do absolutely nothing in the real world EXCEPT for solve problems. Any problem. To my mind, that’s the whole point of theoretical math.

So astrology. My chart has some issues. Some very pointed ones. So let’s go ahead and just call them problems. Everyone’s does. There must be a solution, yes?

Let’s just say that you’re reading this and thinking that I’m crazy – totally your right. I’m no missionary. But allow me to pose this question to the skeptics — do you agree that if you wore something which every day reminded you of your intention to change a certain aspect of your self or your life, that you might be more likely to do so? You could hang a to-do list around your neck, or, you could put an amethyst on your ring finger or a fire opal on your heart.

I’ve spent the past week fairly immersed in these issues because I have a client whose astrological chart syncs up perfectly with the pluto/uranus square of 2012. Maybe I will allow myself to geek out a bit in another post about the significance of this formation, but for now, let’s just say that he finds himself in the throes of a violent battle between a leather clad dominatrix well-versed in alchemy and a lightning-wielding alien who has both teleportation and invisibility and tricksterism as personal powers. He wanted a bit of assistance.

The pendant that resulted draws on metals which elevate the personal planets of his which may find themselves quivering in insignificance, gems which empower both the planets and the signs which will assist him in finding his true path, and the design relies upon geometric codes which further the two aforementioned goals. And it will be consecrated under the aquarian new moon/ water dragon new year energy which culminates at 2:13 am tomorrow morning.

Though I think on occasion the universe does shell out more than any one individual can be expected to take, I believe that its intention is to instruct us through adversity. Just as pediatricians occasionally dose children with too many vaccinations at one time, sometimes the universe gives us more than we can handle — all to the end of making us impervious to defeat. So with vaccinations, we can space them out, bolster our immune systems, etc. With planetary transits, perhaps a prescription of stones, metals, geometry and personal intent can provide some fortitude.

At the very least, I believe it does.

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